Staying Flexible

Here we are again. Only difference is the warnings are over. Problems are here. We are seeing some major issues in the supply chain that will affect all of us. For some it will get ugly and for some they may slide right by. But either way this will be a very tough and strategic time for all.

If you would like to catch up, please go back and read our previous posts there is some crazy things going on in the industry. For those of you that have came in and thanked us or sparked some conversation from these thank you. That is why we do it. We try to educate and inform the best we can. Just a few minutes of your time to help position your business would be a wise decision right now.

Let us get to it. We are not here to speak for other distributors, but we know the situation others may be in. Flexible ductwork is now a huge problem. We suggest you speak with your suppliers and ask specifically about lead times and inventory levels. I will save you a phone call with us. As we have been saying for months our lead times are not great. We must wait at least 30 days from date of order to receive our flexible ductwork. Also, we are on allocation of what we can order.

This is not us putting any of our competitors down or bragging because we certainly could be in this situation next, but we believe our lead times and inventory is the best as of today. This puts us in a bad spot ironically. We are now everyone’s favorite distributor even if you never have met us. It does not take long for people to figure out where to get product.

Some of you reading this will not be able to purchase flex from us much longer. Best Choice Supply WILL take care of their customers first. If you are someone who has partnered with us, you will continue to receive what inventory we have until we do not have it anymore.

Like we said in the previous post, any large or commercial projects are going to be an issue. We ARE NOT selling large or bulk orders. We ARE NOT selling commercial projects. Start the conversation with your builders and GC now. You WILL run out of flex.

Why is flex an issue? Raw material is what it comes back to MOSTLY. Workforce is an issue also, but they cannot get materials. Plastic, metal rings, fiberglass. All of it. Not good. This has caused lead times to compound. Some of the lead times we are hearing from flex manufacturers are shocking honestly. And before you yell at your distributor and say buy it somewhere else, save your time. They cannot. Nobody is taking on new business right now.

Other items still experiencing shortages and delays are a lot of the same.

Filters are a huge issue. 60, 90, 120 day lead times.

Line sets lead times are creeping out.

Refrigerant is taking a surprisingly long time.

Equipment for us is still being delayed but for the most part we are getting equipment. We have holes. But who doesn’t at this point?

More price increases are on the horizon for majority of product.

Metal IS going back up despite what some distributors are saying. It may be July for some August for others, but the price is increasing again.

Flex is up again industry wide. This is the 3rd price increase on flex.

Equipment is also going up again.

Again, all these increases are solely because we are getting increases also. But we are hearing some contractors have not raised prices for their consumer. You all cannot absorb 30-60% price increases. NOBODY CAN. The price on everything is up right now. Groceries, fuel, cars, boats, HVAC. If someone wants to do the job for nothing, let them lose money. We have seen distributors late on price increases plenty this year. It is a tight rope walk until we are out of this.

Changes moving forward we need everyone aware of.

Quotes are only valid for 15 days. This is retroactive as well.

Equipment must be purchased by SYSTEMS only. Systems is an indoor and outdoor product that matches for registration. If you do not need the outdoor for some time it will still be applied to that ticket with the indoor.

Flex is on allocation to all customers. This changes frequently. You could come in and we do not have flex. That is a real possibility.

We are not backordering flex moving forward. We can not hold flex from an incoming truck any longer.

As always, we are here for questions comments or concerns. Reach out to us. That is what we are here for.

Your Best Choice Team